The Year of the Fire Pig 2007 By Kristine Gibson

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February 18th 2007 to February 6th 2008
The Year of the Fire Pig is going to be a fantastic year for some, a year of celebration for many and a few challenges for others. This year is Fire, the colour is red, and so, a Red Fire Pig is very powerful indeed considering the gentle Yin energy that usually encompasses the Pig Year. The Pigs fixed ruling sign is Water, so we have a Year of Fire over Water. There is a power behind this association that can get out of control. Even though the gentle Yin energy of the Pig denotes harmony, the opposition of Fire and Water can and will transform into volatile situations if you allow it. Perhaps we will see some unstable conditions on an international scale during the year. Opposite things will happen, often to people and businesses that are usually stable. People will move to the west from the east, others will move from the east to the west. The same will apply with the northern and southern hemispheres. Some moves will seem so strange to the observer, but it will simply be an opposite turn of events.

The Fire Pig year enhances change on a grand scale. In particular there may be something you have always wanted to do, now is the time to prepare for that change, plant the seeds, make the plans, and believe you can. But importantly, stay in the moment with those plans. This seems contradictory, but it is not. Simply make the plans, see the outcome, but remain focused on now. Often we meet someone who constantly lives in the future chasing their goals. Look closely, they rarely reach them because they do not keep a focus on the NOW. One can’t work without the other. The Fire Pig year gives opportunities in abundance. If you are positive your confidence will be enhanced, if you are negative you may feel shattered.

Generally speaking this year has many great times ahead, although there are warnings. Many people in business for themselves will do well this year. Some professions far better than others. If you are a small business owner or a single business person expect some help, often completely unexpected. Take the help it will improve things significantly. In the corporate sector some high profile merges will take place world wide with a very positive outcome. However, there may be a few international hostile takeovers; some of those takeovers will eventually have a positive outcome though. Technology again, goes through the roof with improvements and almost out of this world advancement. For many people life becomes noticeably easier, abundance, not only financially. Watch that extra money though; it can just as easily be spent. The Fire Pig year needs to be celebrated, express gratitude daily for what you have. Celebrate the gift of life, share your knowledge, and keep your heart open to all experiences.

On an international level there just may be a great effort to bring about change. Being the last year in the Chinese 12 animal cycle and having Fire rule it, there could be some fierce international struggles. Perhaps the overthrowing of dictators, even civil uprisings in some third world countries, the people will say “enough is enough”. The Fire Pig is Female Fire and she can be ferocious and devastating. Just like any female if you try to take away her young. This female energy will be powerful enough to take back what she believes is hers. The intent behind this process is land, governments, boarders, disputes over territories.

In the workplace there could be an increase in gossip or even arguments that someone continually perpetuates and just will not drop it. Be careful not to buy into gossip and situations that continue to be fueled by the fire of ignorance. Ignore rumors, if you did not see it yourself, it does not exist. Keep this intent strong for 2007. This year symbolises the element of Fire sitting above Water, hence a rather difficult clash. Herein lies a problem, opposites will inevitably refuse to co-exist. The Water will try to put the Fire out while the Fire simply refuses to be snuffed out. A general warning for the year is do NOT take to work, or anywhere for that matter, private and confidential material. It is a time of exposure, and you really do not want that picture or personal information on the World Wide Web, do you?

In families, close knit as well as those that can be a little dysfunctional, there may be a tendency towards disputes regarding decisions between parents and children. Parents not agreeing with grown up teenager’s points of view, will find the usually practical teenagers, as well as the rebellious ones, decide to move on and out. Parents can be shocked at how determined they will be, hence continuous disputes. Although some things may seem a little challenging with family matters it will still be an auspicious year for marriages and childbirth. However, in relationships where there are struggles or lack of communication we will hear people saying, “I tried really hard last year, but there is no point to continuing on” So we will see many separations or divorces.

A great deal of patience is required in general to avoid disputes everywhere. The greater importance here is that it is time for a global practice of tolerance, coming together to bring about positive change. Looking at the energy of this year from a spiritual point of view, what a tremendous opportunity to define tolerance and be accepting and compassionate of life and all situations.

Areas that will prosper. Many businesses will change the way they do things, seeing greater opportunities by looking at areas from a different point of view. Some will change management around; some will simply change their address. We will see changes in Government departments too. Professional people will now realise the change they need is not a new job; it is a whole new career in a new area. It is a year for traveling for many people, so take that long awaited overseas holiday. Tourism industries will do particularly well this year, so will freight and transport companies, international and national as long as they use air, rail and road, the seas are not favoured because of the Fire over Water Year. Avoid travelling to the north/west from where you live.

Computer business will do very well this year along with IT, Electrical Products/Manufactures/Companies, and businesses related to Information or Finance Information. There is a tremendous increase in the recognition and the importance of spiritual awareness, areas like Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and Meditation groups. People everywhere are being drawn to the benefits of pursuing and becoming involved in the well-ness industry. Even large corporations are finally recognizing how significant it is to support their staff in health awareness programs.

Businesses that will grow will be Building Material Manufactures in particular for Home Renovations, Organic Food Producers, small Finance Businesses will be expand, Hotels and Resorts everywhere will flourish, especially in third world countries from the tourism trade, Health and Beauty businesses, Advanced Science/Medicine will be pioneered, Modern Medicine and Holistic approaches will join together with distinguished results, Mobile Technology will still continue to grow and so will the World Wide Web Media.

Areas that will remain stable, but perhaps not see a lot of growth will be Fashion and the garment industry in general, Real Estate does not seem to go up anywhere, and the Motor Car industry does not seem to expand to where they would like to, Construction itself is not as auspicious as Renovation, the Antique resale Industry seems to have a distinct lack of interest this year.

Businesses that may see difficulties in 2007 will be Shipping, Fishing, Whaling (thank goodness), Marine Products, Boat Building, and Ocean Liner Cruises. There could even be a few troubles with Agriculture and Mining, and any digging into the Earth is not a good thing this year.

Because of the Fire over Water influence in 2007 there may be some global disasters associated to Water and Fire. Perhaps a volcanic eruption, forest fires, (which is highly likely considering drought and weather patterns), flooding. There will definitely be an international forum and world sharing awareness on the struggle against pollution. A time for solutions rather than complaints.

The Pigs Chinese name is Zhu
Corresponding Western sign is Scorpio
The Pig’s ruling Planet is Pluto
On the compass the Pig points directly North-northwest

People born the Year of the Pig.

The nature of the Pig native is a caring, kind and considerate person. Even though at times they can seem a little tough on the exterior don’t be fooled, underneath there is a warm heart that is as pure as gold. Some Pig natives prefer that no one is aware of this inner warmth, so they choose instead to remain a little on the cool side. It won’t last for long though if you have touched the Pig’s heart. The honourable Pig is the person you can turn to for comfort, intelligent advice and kindness all wrapped up in one bundle. If a bully picks on a Pig native they will get a tremendous shock. Pig people can seem easy targets for the tough guy type; however, there is a surprise in store for the one doing the picking. Be aware, because what can surface from the depths of this person can be like a collision course with a tornado. Particularly if the Pigs loved ones have been threatened or their survival is endangered, often this reaction is a surprise to the Pig as well. The Pig person will extend their hands to their friends when support is needed but they are typically no nonsense in their attitude when giving their support. They do not need or want praise; they do these wonderful deeds from the heart. Often the Pig is a “Benevolent Society” all in one. To give and share are a part of the Pig’s nature, the nature of the beast, so to speak. To trust these gentle souls is extremely easy. The Pig native has a calm and sincere personality, and their easy going ways make it a pleasure being around them. They are devoted friends and they seem to have this childlike simplicity to their character, which is like a breath of fresh air. The Pig’s love of pleasure and passion is famous and they will pursue it no matter what. The Pig native will woo you and have no consideration what so ever for the cost until you have noticed them. Then when the time is right the Pig will declare true love and some Pigs are completely prepared to settle down to a quieter life style and raise a family. They need partners who understand their need for emotional fulfillment and they will create time and space to conceive these desires. The family is very important to the Pig native; they will work hard to support their family and are sincere about commitments they have made. However, after the kids have gone to bed there is always time for some debauchery with, of course, good food and fine wine, the Pig will always adore being able to indulge in the finer things of life. This person will rarely just wither away to nothing and become celibate. The Pig is a tolerant and sincere person who has patience mixed with compassion. They expect other people to have these same traits, which often bring complications and disappointments for the Pig. Rarely are people the same, so unfortunately the Pig can be taken advantage of because of their beliefs in others or their expectations of people. A wonderful quality of the Pig person is they do not like to leave things unfinished; they are the practical types who follow through on responsibilities. The Pig native works very hard when they are doing what they like and they will play just as hard too. Pigs are smarter than most people think, so, as a warning never gets involved in a lawsuit with a Pig native. They will make sure it takes forever to wear you down and they always win. Your insults will mean nothing to a Pig and neither does misfortune, they work out what needs to be done and they make it right again. Although there is an area the Pig will avoid and that is dark and dangerous places or situations. There is one warning the Pig should heed and that is to become a little more detached of what other people are or want to become, they need to learn to let others make their own decisions.

People born in the Fire Pig years of 1887, 1947, 2007
The Fire Pig is the most intense and courageous of all the Pigs. This little Piggy can really be the hero. They make wonderful healers and councilors, be it in modern or holistic medicine. The Fire Pig can be relied upon in all situations; it is an honour just to be in their presence. Often they need to be motivated by love to keep up their grand displays of affection. However, they rarely have hard words to say about anyone. The Fire Pig is a determined person with incredible amounts of energy, too much energy in fact to just sit around, that is after their cuppa in bed. This Pig has a tendency to get to the top or fall to the bottom, depending on their attitude towards life. There does not seem to be an in-between with them.

Predictions for all the Chinese Animals

The Rat in the Pig Year.
The Rat Years
5 Feb 1924 to 24 Jan 1925
24 Jan 1936 to 10 Feb 1937
10 Feb 1948 to 28 Jan 1949
28 Jan 1960 to 14 Feb 1961
16 Feb 1972 to 2 Feb 1973
2 Feb 1984 to 19 Feb 1985
19 Feb 1996 to 6 Feb 1997
7 Feb 2008 to 26 Jan 2009

2007 is a time for the industrious Rat to begin to finalise things. Bring all plans together and prepare to formulate. Next year will see this come to fruition, all from your hard work and productive ways. You must be patient this year though. Spend some much needed time on pampering yourself, having massages, soaking in a spa for a few hours. I bet you did not know that was even possible for you. Reserve your energy for next year. You will most certainly need it. Some personal adjustments along with decisions may be necessary to make now. This decision will be of a personal nature and it is definitely time to stop stalling. It will be important for next year’s journey. Move on from where you are if you know in your heart that you should not be there.

The Ox in the Pig Year.
The Ox Years
25 Jan 1925 to 12 Feb 1926
11 Feb 1937 to 30 Jan 1938
29 Jan 1949 to 16 Feb 1950
15 Feb 1961 to 4 Feb 1962
3 Feb 1973 to 22 Jan 1974
20 Feb 1985 to 8 Feb 1986
7 Feb 1997 to 27 Jan 1998
27 Jan 2009 to 14 Feb 2010

This year takes the Ox into a very busy time. With home and career. The Ox who usually takes a while to get excited, or for that matter stimulated, certainly has an abundance of excitement and new found energy this year. Ox people are also happy about extra work and nothing is a burden. New and valuable contacts seem to pop up all over the place. Do not expect results straight away, but, plan for the future and be positive. It is certainly a fortunate time. You could become a workaholic this year, but with a big smile about it. Remember to celebrate, and a bit a dancing would be marvelous. Young Ox natives will work and party just as hard, the more mature ones need to be reminded about drinks and dinner, indulge. Romance, work and fun are the themes.

The Tiger in the Pig Year.
The Tiger Years
13 Feb 1926 to 1 Feb 1927
31 Jan 1938 to 18 Feb 1939
17 Feb 1950 to 5 Feb 1951
5 Feb 1962 to 24 Jan 1963
23 Jan 1974 to 10 Feb 1975
9 Feb 1986 to 28 Jan 1987
28 Jan 1998 to 15 Feb 1999
15 Feb 2010 to 3 Feb 2011

If the Tiger curbs their spending habits this year more money will be available in the long run. Keep away from get rich quick schemes and gambling though. In business make solid plans for the year then follow them through to the tee. If this is done things will happen fast with positive results. Good fortune follows good laid plans for all Tigers. It can be a very auspicious year for the Tiger, because the Pig and the Tiger are good friends so, Pig Years are great for Tigers. There will be lots of laughter, satisfaction and a wonderful feeling of being content. A new loving partnership is in the wings for those single Tigers, but no pouncing this time, wait and enjoy the game of romance.

The Rabbit in the Pig Year.
The Rabbit Years
2 Feb 1927 to 22 Jan 1928
19 Feb 1939 to 7 Feb 1940
6 Feb 1951 to 26 Jan 1952
25 Jan 1963 to 12 Feb 1964
11 Feb 1975 to 30 Jan 1976
29 Jan 1987 to 16 Feb 1988
16 Feb 1999 to 4 Feb 2000
4 Feb 2011 to 23 Jan 2012

This is a wonderful year for our cuddly little friend. However, all Rabbit natives must protect all their interests, home and business included, then this year will run smoothly. There will be tremendous support from family and friends, giving the Rabbit a special feeling of contentment. The year should look brighter as each day passes. A wonderful year for marriage or marriage plans and a great year if Rabbit parents have children this year. The general vibe for this year is not to take life so seriously. One warning only, if there was any icky or strange things from the past year, or from new or weird friends, time to make this association a thing of the past. Enjoy the year, it will be pleasant and tranquil.

The Dragon in the Pig Year.
The Dragon Years
23 Jan 1928 to 9 Feb 1929
8 Feb 1940 to 26 Jan 1941
27 Jan 1952 to 13 Feb 1953
13 Feb 1964 to 1 Feb 1965
17 Feb 1988 to 5 Feb 1989
5 Feb 2000 to 23 Jan 2001
24 Jan 2012 to 10 Feb 2013

Thank goodness for the Pig year, last year is over and a huge sigh of relief fills many Dragon homes. The past year had trials and tribulations for most Dragons. However, they are tough and will always survive. Everything goes back to normal for the Dragon. That is for the rare Dragon who is normal. A lucky year all round for Dragons. Sunshine and socializing. Careful with money though, lots can come in and lots can go out. So there is caution and diligence here required, pursue some friendly financial advice, and then take it. The Pig year of 2007 is a great time for preparation because the Dragon moves into one of their most auspicious years in 2008. Take things easy and avoid at all costs anything which may frustrate you. Enjoy a family holiday and bask in the happiness a family and good friends can bring.

The Snake in the Pig Year.
The Snake Years
10 Feb 1929 to 29 Jan 1930
27 Jan 1941 to 14 Feb 1942
14 Feb 1953 to 2 Feb 1954
2 Feb 1965 to 20 Jan 1966
18 Feb 1977 to 6 Feb 1978
6 Feb 1989 to 26 Jan 1990
24 Jan 2001 to 11 Feb 2002
11 Feb 2013 to 31 Jan 2014

Energy levels run high this year for Snake natives. So do potential setbacks, however, they should not last too long, fore warned fore armed. It is your opposite year now, so you could feel out of touch, situations on all levels can be delayed, and people constantly misunderstand you. It is a year to reserve high levels of energy, hibernate, or find that island in the sun and spend as much time as you can not being a part of everything. The most important thing you can do this year is most definitely avoid any lawsuits or legal battles; the energy is not in your favour. Wait till next year if you absolutely must. Generally lay low if you can, and know that the Rat and Ox year of 2008 & 2009 are extremely favourable for you. If loved ones are reaching out to you remember to listen to them, they will need your support at this particular time. Keep up a good attitude and smile all year long, because this is the perfect ammunition for the Snake throughout the year. Simply smile at whatever is playing out.

The Horse in the Pig Year.
The Horse Years
30 Jan 1930 to 16 Feb 1931
15 Feb 1942 to 4 Feb 1943
3 Feb 1954 to 23 Jan 1955
21 Jan 1966 to 8 Feb 1967
7 Feb 1978 to 27 Jan 1979
27 Jan 1990 to 14 Feb 1991
12 Feb 2002 to 31 Jan 2003
1 Feb 2014 to 18 Feb 2015

This is a year that the wonderful flamboyant Horse needs to curb many of their ways. Overspending is most definitely one of them. Avoid 2007 being an extremely challenging year by remaining focused only on what you are doing at the time. Not doing one thing and constantly thinking about another, particularly romance. Now is the time for a serious reality check in keeping grounded, what does that mean? Well let me tell you. This year really brings the Horse back down to earth. Otherwise there can be unexpected hostilities which can arise from outside forces creating obstacles and setbacks daily. If you stay grounded and constantly aware these potential delays or conflicts will be avoided. I know this may seem daunting but it is not as severe as it sounds, stay calm and take a breath. Appreciate the potential social aspect of the year, after all the Pig year is a time for celebration. It is not a time for you to go off frolicking in paddocks where you should not be. Also, do not enter into new contracts and be aware of new investments this year. An opportunity may cross your path by a strange course, remember not to throw the baby out with the bath water here, just keep an open mind and ask a trusting friend for advice regarding the prospect. Miscommunication also could play a little bit of havoc, otherwise enjoy.

The Sheep in the Pig Year.
The Sheep Years
17 Feb 1931 to 5 Feb 1932
5 Feb 1943 to 24 Jan 1944
24 Jan 1955 to 11 Feb 1956
9 Feb 1967 to 29 Jan 1968
28 Jan 1979 to 15 Feb 1980
15 Feb 1991 to 3 Feb 1992
1 Feb 2003 to 22 Jan 2004
19 Feb 2015 to 9 Feb 2016

In the Pig year the Sheep is so very blessed. This is one of your great years. With enthusiasm tackle anything that may seem difficult, it will be a breeze. Any new project or career offers, take them. It is a great year for marriage and commitment. The flow of harmonies is definitely in your favour during 2007. Money will be good fortune, like winning or inheriting. Everything you do will be easy. The only way things would be stressful for you is if you choose to stay in a relationship or employment where you are just not happy. You simply must leave. What is perfect for you is waiting around the corner, go have a look. Do remember to help those less fortunate and have patience with people who do not have any. Ps, have a wonderful year. You certainly deserve it and you will cherish many wonderful moments and memories from this year.

The Monkey in the Pig Year.
The Monkey Years
6 Feb 1932 to 25 Jan 1933
25 Jan 1944 to 12 Feb 1945
12 Feb 1956 to 30 Jan 1957
30 Jan 1968 to 16 Feb 1969
16 Feb 1980 to 4 Feb 1981
4 Feb 1992 to 23 Jan 1993
23 Jan 2004 to 9 Feb 2005
10 Feb 2016 to 28 Jan 2017

2007 can be a time when life will cruise along if the Monkey is prepared to make a few compromises, seemingly to be around your career and they will be necessary. So hang in there Monkey and remember your magic and use it. You can do anything and everything. But don’t let that run you too ragged, things could hot up a bit and everyone wants you, your time, your talents and your life saving answers. So there is caution not to spread yourself too thin. Also, be wary of offers which are put to you. Researching first would be appropriate before that business lunch. Otherwise stress levels will play havoc with Monkey’s health if you jump into something new before you scrutinize it thoroughly during this year. There seems to be improvements in your life and lifestyle, particularly if the last 2 years had challenges, some of those challenges you kept secret in that brilliant mind of yours. However, you know that decision you have been putting off? Shucks, just do it, make it. You will be pleased. This can be a fun time with travel and a possible move of house. All great really, as long as you heed those precautions. Next year will be remarkable for the Monkey and this year will be great. Remember, only you know what’s going on in your head, so don’t expect others to understand.

The Rooster in the Pig Year.
The Rooster Years
26 Jan 1933 to 13 Feb 1934
13 Feb 1945 to 1 Feb 1946
31 Jan 1957 to 17 Feb 1958
17 Feb 1969 to 5 Feb 1970
5 Feb 1981 to 24 Jan 1982
24 Jan 1993 to 9 Feb 1994
10 Feb 2005 to 30 Jan 2006
29 Jan 2017 to 16 Feb 2018

The effervescent Rooster could have a few tail feathers ruffled this year if they have situations return that were not resolved from last year. Mostly this will have to do with the home front or living arrangements that do not suit the Rooster. If this sounds familiar fix it up and look forward to a good year. It can be a year of public recognition for the work you have done by bringing improvement to others, either professionally or privately. Watch the limelight though; it can have its downfalls. Responsibilities that you usually have will expand, as if you need any more, and even though extra work seems overwhelming there will be beneficial financial rewards. The Pig and the Rooster are very different people but they usually have the same values, they get on quite well while enjoying and trusting each other. The year 2007 suits them both. Roosters only real warning this year is avoid arguments, just for a change you won’t win them. Family and friends should play an integral part of Roosters spare time this year. Indulge in outings with family and friends, especially if involved with fun activity. Things you don’t usually do. These outings will bring some very loving and tender times for the Rooster.

The Dog in the Pig Year.
The Dog Years
14 Feb 1934 to 3 Feb 1935
2 Feb 1946 to 21 Jan 1947
18 Feb 1958 to 7 Feb 1959
6 Feb 1970 to 26 Jan 1971
25 Jan 1982 to 12 Feb 1983
10 Feb 1994 to 30 Jan 1995
31 Jan 2006 to 17 Feb 2007
17 Feb 2018 to 5 Feb 2019

This is a tranquil year for the Dog, especially after the last two. Although there may be some friends or family members that need saving, so the loyal Dog could be off on a few rescue missions. Along with the tranquility comes good fortune. If any single Doggies out there feel its time to attract the perfect partner, now is definitely the time for sprucing up the wardrobe and making sure of a fresh supply of after shave or French perfume. Enjoy also the opportunity of making new friends and put some well-earned time into personal development. Nurture yourself by having a spa once a week and while in the spa cultivate some new ideas, and if there are delays, just wait them out. Basically enjoy a peaceful and joyful year while being filled with gratitude for what you have.

The Pig in the Pig Year.
The Pig Years
4 Feb 1935 to 23 Jan 1936
22 Jan 1947 to 9 Feb 1948
8 Feb 1959 to 27 Jan 1960
27 Jan 1971 to 15 Feb 1972
13 Feb 1983 to 1 Feb 1984
31 Jan 1995 to 18 Feb 1996
18 Feb 2007 to 7 Feb 2008
6 Feb 2019 to 25 Jan 2020

After last year this year is a much more peaceful and enjoyable time. In fact Pig natives around the globe can expect a great and fortuitous time in 2007. Optimism and comfort are at the top of the list. There is only one real warning though, and that is to not over do it and get carried away by the excitement. Celebrate and spoil yourself by all means but watch the excess of that. Romance, family and business affairs should all benefit greatly. New business ventures are blessed with good fortune and inspiring creative journeys will be well exposed. Money will be made available, though winnings or unexpected earnings. Remember to put some effort into your wellbeing and health. Good news is on the way regarding something you may only have dreamed of. A great year for marriage and children. Lady Luck is most definitely with you this year. ENJOY.

Chinese Fire Pig © 2007 by Kristine Gibson.
All rights reserved, any printing and publishing of the article must have permission from the author.

The author, Kristine Gibson is a popular Astrologer in Australia and continues to give us great yearly advice.

Kristine Gibson has been involved in consultation and energetic healing work for over 20 years now. Kristine is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher as well. She holds classes, private tuition and weekend retreats. The retreats are personal journeys into well-being and they are held in a beautiful rainforest sanctuary, 3 hours north of Sydney, Australia. Kristine shares her knowledge through giving you tools to apply your work in daily situations. Integrating Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Energetic Cleansing and Alignment.

Kristine is available for phone consultation and guidance. She uses your astrological details as well as bringing through other information. For further information please feel free to e-mail her with your enquiries and she will contact you. All consultations are recorded for your convenience and forwarded onto you. Everything is strictly confidential.

Email Kristine at


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