Book Review: My Brother Jimi Jazz

February 27, 2007 at 10:46 pm Leave a comment

crowning.jpgThis children’s book is a delight for the senses as it embraces you with it’s vibrant illustrations and the joy of a new baby being born at home. Trinity is welcoming a new baby brother, Jimi Jazz into the family. The book is written and illustrated by Chrissy Butler — artist, author, mama, and doula (trained by Dr Michel Odent).

All the excitment and preparations for the approaching birth are beautifully illustrated. Trinity tells of her hopes and excitement as the birth approaches.The birth is warm and intimate as the family embraces their new child. You can almost feel all the love they share through the pages. Lots of animals, nature, huge sunflowers and a placenta tree. A Baby Moon, cloth nappies, breastfeeding and cosleeping are also beautifully illustrated.

1st-page.jpgThere are very few books available which introduce stories of natural homebirth into children’s lives. This is a wonderful book for pregnant mamas to read to their older children in preparation for a home birth. As more and more children get to share in the excitement and joy of their little brothers and sisters being born at home, it is fantastic to have this beautiful book available to read to them.

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reviewed by Michelle Meares

“I love everything that motherhood brings; vulnerability, courage, strength, compassion, inspiration….. it is truly a wonderful gift, a divine dance.”
~Chrissy Butler


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