Winter Colds & Healthy Children

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Being a parent means not only being a cook, cleaner, teacher, and 24 hour advice centre but also being a carer in times of accidents and illness. You will already have some favourite ways to care for your family. Here are some techniques which you might find useful to add to your list. The focus is on natural home remedies which you can often prepare from what is already in your kitchen cupboard.

Many minor complaints can be treated safely at home. For example, colds can make your child miserable and their sleep disturbed. A simple way to promote healing and boost their immune system is to increase their intake of Vitamin C through foods such as kiwifruits, tomatoes, berries, cherries and citrus fruits or for older children use supplements if necessary such as Calcium Ascorbate powder in their juice.

Garlic is wonderful for helping clear the mucous and for the older child can be put in their food. Younger children’s stomachs are a little sensitive for it to be taken internally so place crushed garlic in a tissue in and simply put it in their socks under the soles of their feet while they sleep. This is an excellent way for the healing properties of garlic to be absorbed into the system of people of all ages. Although their playmates may not want to get too close!

Encourage rest and quiet time as much as possible and do not worry if your child goes off their food – their body system is doing it’s job by sending all it’s energy to healing. If they are hungry provide good nutritious food such as vegetable soups, miso soup or baked potatoes. Increase their intake of liquids such as plain filtered water or herbal teas such as rosehip or thyme.

You can get rosehips form your local health food shop. If you give your child herbal teas form an early age instead of sugary cordials, not only is it healthier for them but they will be more likely to drink them in times of illness.

It is a great idea to find a natural practitioner who can become part of the team of people your family uses for their regular health care. Good places to start are to ask friends and family of they know someone they can recommend or call the Natural Therapies Association on 1800 817 577. They have listings of registered natural therapists in your area.

There are some excellent reference books for parents which support you in caring for your child using natural methods where appropriate. Ask at your local library or come back and check out Earth Mamas Web Recommended Reading Section and Book Reviews- Available Very, Very Soon!

Learn to trust your intuition about when it is appropriate to care for your child at home and when expert attention is required. If your child has any of the following symptoms seek medical advice immediately:

  • a temperature over 38 degrees celsius for longer than 24 hours
  • if they are lethargic, pale or limp
  • signs of earache, shortness of breath or wheezing
  • vomiting or diarrhoea for more than 24 hours
  • if your baby is passing less urine than usual.

Edited Version First Published in Coastal Child Volume #1 Issue 5. December 1999.


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