Mamas & Children During War

February 25, 2007 at 9:28 pm Leave a comment

“When the men fight, women and children mostly suffer.”
Read more to find out what women are doing around the world to meet the challenge of creating a peaceful planet for our children.

Mobilised Mothers
“Mobilised Mothers” describes hundreds of organizations that are led by women trying to influence foreign policy outcomes in conflict situations. Women are increasingly influential in nongovernment organizations, often steered by women, and they occupy senior government positions with growing frequency, according to the Women Waging Peace program. Read More.

Women Waging Peace
In the face of a new type of threat, we need a new type of defense system–one that fosters strategic personal relationships among people throughout the world. Building relationships is a skill in which women have excelled. Defying political stereotypes, in the Balkans, Bosnian and Serb women are coordinating their pro-democracy political campaigns. In Rwanda, Hutu and Tutsi women have created micro-enterprise partnerships. Out of the depths of this tragedy, policy makers would do well to reassess the untapped resources of women throughout the peace building process, thus formulating a new paradigm of inclusive security. Find out more here.


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